2012 – Building on a foundation of success
From the Executive Director
by Dianne Kiehl

Building on the successes of the past, 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting and dynamic year for the Business Health Care Group and all its stakeholders. I want to relay to you some of the energizing activities we have planned for this year. Read More

BHCG partners with providers in grant submission to improve cardiac care in state

The BHCG has joined with several provider organizations, insurers and other stakeholders* in the submission of a grant designed to improve cardiac care delivered in the state of Wisconsin. Read More

Membership Minute

In this installment of the Membership Minute we report on our updated membership numbers as of the first of the year and upcoming events you may wish to consider attending. Also, with this edition of the Membership Minute, we are initiating a feature that welcomes new employer groups to the BHCG.Read More

Consumer Accountability project – an update

In the Winter 2011 edition of the newsletter we shared with you information about the Consumer Accountability project. Here is a brief recap of the project and the progress we have made in the past few months. Read More

Informed Decision Making initiative – an update

In the Spring 2011 edition of the newsletter we shared with you information about a new BHCG initiative. Here is a brief recap of what the Informed Decision Making (IDM) initiative is and where we are at with its implementation. Read More