Membership Minute

In this edition of the Membership Minute we report on our updated membership numbers and we welcome new employer groups who joined us in August and September.

Updated membership numbers
As of September 30, 2012 enrollment in the Humana Preferred (BHCG) network stood at 117,377. The total number of employers participating in BHCG as of September 30 is 1,176.

New Member Welcome
The BHCG is pleased to welcome the following employers that joined us in August and September 2012:

  • CIO Holdings
  • Cramar Inc.
  • Design North
  • Dick Brantmeier Ford
  • Elite Freight Systems
  • Filtration Concepts
  • Fortress Forms
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Industrial Controls
  • Ingersoll and Company
  • International Concrete
  • IV Media
  • Johnson Keland MGMT
  • LP Chiropractic
  • Midwest Plumbing
  • Moore Designs
  • Patera LLC
  • Pinky Electric
  • Siesennop & Sullivan
  • T2H, LLC
  • Terra Tec Landscapes
  • TM Becker
  • US Tanker Fire Apparatus
  • W/S Machine & Tool
  • Wisconsin Internet Inc.

A listing of employers currently participating in the BHCG can be found on the BHCG website at: Member Directory


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