by Dianne Kiehl
Strategic Planning Update
From the Executive Director

Strategic Planning
As I have reported in the past, the BHCG’s leadership has been involved in a strategic planning process to chart our course for the future.  Our first all-day session was conducted on February 21, which was followed by another all-day session on April 16.  Between these two sessions we also had the opportunity to gain insights on the future direction of the BHCG at a meeting of our CEO group.

The market research endeavor we recently concluded also provided us with valuable information for this process. The perception of the BHCG among our various constituencies – employers (both members and non-members), providers, brokers/consultants, strategic partners and sponsoring organizations provided us additional insight to take into consideration. Let me take a moment to say a big thank you to all the people who took the time via interviews, focus groups and surveys to provide your insights!  Without you, our strategic planning process would not have been complete.

Next Steps
What has emerged, as a result of the activities noted above, was the identification of a broad strategic pathway which will allow us to identify potential tactical activities necessary to support this pathway. Over the next several months we will begin to hone the strategic direction as we consult with our key partners and our leadership.

With the ever-changing health care landscape, it is critical that the BHCG continually assesses the environment in which we operate as well as our members' needs and make changes to our vision and strategic direction as warranted. We have taken some significant steps in that process. We look forward to reporting back to you as our evolving strategic plan comes into focus.

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