by Dianne Kiehl
Planning Ahead for Continued Success
From the Executive Director

Strategic Planning
The framework for our evolving strategic plan is starting to take shape as we continue to have ongoing discussions among our employer leadership and consultants. These discussions have resulted in the establishment of several strategic imperatives, including:

  • A focus on continuing to push for accountability in both directions – from health care consumers and providers  
  • An acknowledgement that while unit costs for care remain important, we must address the total cost of care as well
  • Considering how provider network design will support our initiatives going forward
  • Assisting employers to address increasing pharmacy costs, including the rapid rise in the use and cost of specialty pharmaceutical and biologic products

As we continue to hone our strategic directions over the next several months, we look forward to gaining our employers’ input and ultimately sharing it with the broader community.

We need your success stories
The BHCG, its individual employer members, provider partners, strategic partners and brokers and consultants have had considerable successes since BHCG’s inception in 2003 and the development of the provider network in 2006. Many successes are regularly reported through our cost results, performance scorecards and our Annual Report (see the 2011 Annual Report here). It seems however, at times, we are all “pedaling so fast,” we don’t take the time to recognize and celebrate our successes. We want that to change!

In order to recognize our successes and promote the BHCG in our community, we are requesting your success stories. What has your participation in the BHCG meant to your organization? Are there specific items or BHCG initiatives you can point to that have positively impacted your organization, your clients or your employees? If you have ideas for a success story, please let us know by contacting Tim Hussey at 414-433-4719 x 4 or at We will be following up on your stories and publishing the best in these pages and through other communication mediums. Let’s celebrate our successes!  Thank you.

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