BHCG Monitor: Focus on Health Care Benefits

August 2016

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BHCG Monitor: Affordable Health Care Act - Notable News


Affordable Health Care Act – Notable News

Employers React to ACA’s Impact in New Survey

A recent International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans survey has found three out of five employers (61 percent) feel the Affordable Care Act (ACA ) has had an overall negative impact on their organizations. However, when asked if they would like to see the ACA repealed entirely, 44 percent were opposed, 35 percent were in favor and 20 percent were unsure.

Citing general ACA administrative costs as well as those associated with ACA reporting requirements, cost containment and Cadillac tax avoidance strategies, 77 percent of the surveyed employers expect the law to increase their health care costs this year. In addition, communicating with employees about the ACA is an issue with which employers grapple.

Long Awaited Final SBC Form Released

The current ACA Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) template was released in April of 2013. Since then, amendments and provisions to the template have been made at various times. On April 6, 2016 the federal government released final SBC templates and accompanying documents.


BHCG Monitor: What We Know About High Deductible Health Plans


What We Know About High Deductible Health Plans

Increasing plan deductibles has emerged as one of the most popular potential solutions to rising health care costs and as a strategy to avoid the looming Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) excise tax for high-cost plans. The adoption of high deductible health plans (HDHP) – also known as consumer directed health plans (CDHP) – when paired with a health savings account (HSA) has seen strong double-digit growth in the past five years.

Almost one in two employers now offer at least one HDHP and one in five Americans are enrolled in one. But what do we really know so far about how well HDHPs reduce health care costs? And do they affect health care access in a way that could negatively affect health?.


BHCG Monitor: Willis Towers Watson’s 2016 Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey


Key Insights: Willis Towers Watson’s 2016 Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey

The Willis Towers Watson 2016 Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey provides insights into how employers are thinking about the health care benefits they offer and the key actions they anticipate taking over the next three years. The 467 employers – mostly midsize to large companies representing 12.1 million employees in a variety of industries – completed the survey in January and February of 2016.

This Infographic summarizes some of the key findings from the survey.