BHCG Monitor: Focus on Health Care Benefits - April 2012

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BHCG Monitor: Advance Care Planning – An Imperative Conversation


Accountable Care Organizations — A Primer

Imagine a system of health care that pays health care providers to keep you well, not just treat people when they're sick. A system where providers would have a financial incentive to limit unnecessary tests and encourage patients to exercise more and eat better. A system where hospitals would actually benefit financially from keeping people out of the hospital. This is the health care system, structured around Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), that some see as a promising new model for delivering and paying for health care.


BHCG Monitor: An Electronic Personal Health Record Primer


Social Engagement: Employee Benefits Communication & Social Media

Consider this: 79 percent of American adults use the Internet on a daily basis and nearly all of the online public uses social media in some form (a number that has doubled since 2008). Forty-six percent of cell phone users in the U.S. own smart phones (Pew Research). However, 70 percent of employers do not use social media for benefits communication (SHRM Workforce Trends Report), even though more than 90 percent of Human Resources survey respondents believe social media is a tool HR should be using (Pew Research).

Along with the media/communication sea change, benefits strategy has changed as well. Employers spend a significant amount of money on benefits and employees are customers of those benefits. Employees and their dependents are also asked to be partners in making better health care decisions. Employee benefits communication is no longer just about education and compliance, it's also about marketing – or that all important word: engagement. Because of its interactive nature, social media has a unique capability to connect us and foster loyalty which is the key to successful marketing and engagement. But what's the best way to get started?

BHCG Monitor: Focus on Health Care Benefits - April 2012