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Working Together

Employers started BHCG in 2003 and have been the driving force behind it ever since. The group was formed by a group of CEOs with a common concern: to control the health care cost trend while continuing to offer quality care and reasonable health benefits for their employees. Presently, employers and employer groups of all sizes representing more than 200,000 lives participate in BHCG.

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What We Believe

No individual employer can change the health care market, but a united business community can, by standing together and addressing the issues in eastern Wisconsin .

We believe that employers and health plan sponsors are accountable for educating consumers, aligning benefit plans to support a market-competitive model and consumerism, providing coverage for wellness, collaborating with providers and providing usable data to consumers.

What We Do

BHCG offers employers, both large and small, the chance to become part of a collective effort to achieve all of these goals for health care — including working with providers to ensure the best price and the best care based on accepted health care practices. BHCG promotes information transparency in the health care market — so that costs and quality data are readily available.

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